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Sharon's Vintage Store
Rocky Mountains, CO

Jewelry marked W. Germany, West Germany or Western Germany was made between 1949 and 1990. (The Berlin Wall was built in 1961, and was opened in 1989.) In 1990, Germany was reunified. To see information on other jewelry designers, click the "Designer Information" tab at the top of the page.

Signed or Marked Jewelry > West Germany Jewelry


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West Germany 5-Strand Lightweight Eloxal Aluminum Chain Necklace Vintage Jewelry
This beautiful necklace has five strands of differently patterned chains, made of eloxal (electrolytic oxidation of aluminum) and exceptionally lightweight. The box clasp is lovely, with textured filigree on the top. One of the chains is also textured ....
$ 30.00          Available: 1      More Information     

West Germany Blue Teal Fruit Salad Prystal 2-Strand Necklace Vintage Jewelry
This fun and beautiful necklace has molded plastic beads ("fruit salad"), faceted semi-transparent beads ("prystal beads") and faceted triangular disk beads. There is also a sprinkling of silver-colored baroque faux pearls ....
$ 30.00          Available: 1      More Information     

West Germany Blue White Cluster Atomic Clip Earrings Vintage Jewelry
These earrings have an Atomic style design, with clusters of large white beads and small blue beads. They are clip-on style ....
$ 19.00          Available: 1      More Information     

West Germany Cameo Black White Clip On Earrings Mourning Vintage Jewelry
These earrings have lovely black and white cameos in goldtone frames. They measure about 1-1/4 x 1 inches and are clip-on style ....
$ 24.00          Available: 1      More Information     

West Germany Eloxal Aluminum White Enamel Marcasite SET Vintage Jewelry
This set has a necklace and earrings in the shape of bows, with white backgrounds and black centers with marcasite accents. The matching earrings are clip-on style ....
$ 37.00          Available: 1      More Information     

West Germany Necklace Citrine Plastic Crystal Bead Vintage Jewelry
The "crystals" on this necklace look like glass, but are actually plastic, and have such marvelous shades of yellow and light orange. All of the beads are nicely faceted ....
$ 27.00          Available: 1      More Information     

West Germany Triple Strand Molded Plastic Fruit Salad Necklace
This beautiful necklace has a wonderful variety of bead shapes. There are orange and light-lavender molded plastic beads ("fruit salad" style), round black beads with ornate bead caps, irregular shaped metal beads ....
$ 27.00          Available: 1      More Information     

West Germany Yellow Cluster Flower Cushion Booch Pin Vintage Jewelry
This colorful pin is a cluster of small plastic yellow flowers with circular openwork enameled holders. The pin has a 1-3/8 inch diameter, and it is marked "Made in Western Germany" ....
$ 18.00          Available: 1      More Information     

Zold - West Germany 6-Strand Necklace Smoky Gray Topaz AB Vintage Jewelry
This necklace has beautiful plastic beads, in a variety of shapes but highly complimentary to each other. There are oblong, faceted and irregular shapes, in smoky gray, topaz and citrine colors ....
          SOLD      More Information

Zold - West Germany African Cameo Faces Ring Black Glass Vintage Jewelry
This interesting ring has a black glass cameo of two African women facing outwards, on a nugget-textured base ....
          SOLD      More Information

 Results 1-10 of 12

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